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Join us in Nepal, November 20th through 29th, for demonstrations, inter-actions and celebrations for the unique plastic waste pollution solution called 'Tie the Trash'!

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Tie the Trash will help clean streets and rivers around Kathmandu of the plentiful and polluting plastic waste.
Step 1) Collection: the plastic waste - bags, wrappers from chips and biscuits, packaging - is tied together, twisted like old school rope, and then the segments are connected to create a very striking and dramatic length of plastic rope. In fact, Vajra Academy will make an attempt to beat the Guinness Book World Record for the world's longest plastic rope tied from bags!
Step 2) Process: includes processing the plastic and transforming it into '3D ink' - the plastic filament used in 3D printing to create objects from computer designs.
Step 3) Production: includes computer design and physical 'printing' of designs using 3D printing devices. The Greenheart is bringing two 3D printers to Kathmandu, to be tested and evaluated at Vajra Academy.
We return to Nepal in March to evaluate and celebrate with one of the key Vajra Foundation members, Maarten Olthof. We hope the young people we are working with will come up some great ideas of what to make with this amazing recycling opportunity!
We will also work with Kathmandu photojournalist Deependra Bachracharya, who will guide us to amazing photographic sites for team members Jim Metzger, photographer, and Peg Taylor, painter.
Additionally, we will spend time with the young people of Bal Kendra school, as led by founder Kiran Dutta Tiwari, which will include programs with the Girls Scouts of Kathmandu.
And we will very happily and proudly be working with people from the earth-quake affected Yarmasing village, in the Himalayas, Sindhupalchowk region.
We will attempt to apply the recycling and micro-manufacturing opportunities folded into 'Tie the Trash' which might help keep young people in-country instead of going away for employment.